Quality Assurance

At Aktopa, quality is the driving force behind our production and service activities. We measure product characteristics and service metrics, review process parameters and customer feedback. From this information, we develop improvement projects that increase value to our customers.

Our Quality Policy

To achieve continuous, measurable improvement in our products and services, always meeting the high-quality standards of our customers and suppliers.

All processes and elements of the quality system are designed and implemented specifically to ensure that customer requirements are met. This starts with providing the required training, essential infrastructure and suitable work environment.

Our on-site, full-scale laboratory supports all aspects of our customer-focused business approach, including the following:

  • Our lab technicians analyze incoming raw material upon their arrival to confirm their compliance with technical and quality specifications.
  • A 100 percent analysis is performed on every inbound shipment and every shipped product lot.
  • Research and development (R&D) initiatives are designed to improve the performance of our products, while meeting standards for a cleaner environment.
  • A computer-generated Certificate of Analysis from our lab is included with every product shipment.